Puddy was created by pet parents for pet parents. 

Peace of Mind

All carers in Puddy Pet Club are vetted & verified, with every booking covered under our FREE insurance policy. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the preferred choice for pet care solutions by providing the best customer experience possible through a safe, simple and reliable platform for pet owners and pet carers to connect. We hope to empower our users to live a freeing existence by having more physical and financial freedom.

For Pet Parents 

We believe that pet owners deserve the same physical freedom as everybody else, guilt-free! That is why Puddy provides a safe and simple platform to find the perfect pet care for any occasion, whether you lead a demanding lifestyle, want to go on holiday or simply go out for the evening. Puddy is always here to provide fully insuredreliable and affordable pet care services.

For Pet Carers

Puddy is proof that you can do what you love and love what you do! We hope to inspire and empower fellow pet carers to offer their chosen services by providing the necessary tools and a free, safe and simple platform.

Let’s Talk!

Puddy is more than just a platform, we are a growing community. It is important for us to connect with and stay connected with our Puddy users. Just as we encourage booking updates such as pet pictures and videos for owners, we also encourage you to share your thoughts and experiences with us. We love to hear how your booking went, how your pets are doing, if you have a question, or some feedback!

How You Help Us Give Back

Puddy is a community of pet lovers, we provide care for animals lucky enough to have loving families and homes. It is well known that unfortunately, this isn’t the case for many animals out there, which is why we like to do our small part in helping out those that are less fortunate. With our users' help, Puddy donates to small, local animal charities and fostering services and we are always open and grateful for animal charity suggestions, just send us a message!

You can keep in contact with us via;
Phone: 07918296588

Instagram: @puddypetcare
TikTok: @puddypetcare
Twitter: @puddypetcare